Under the patronage of HE Prime Minister of Jordan, FAB hosts the 42nd meeting of the Arab Specialized Unions

Under the patronage of HE Prime Minister of Jordan, FAB hosted the 42nd meeting of the Arab Specialized Unions operating under the Arab Economic Unity Council within the Arab League . The meeting was co- organized by The Federation of Arab Businessmen(FAB), and the Arab Economic Unity Council which took place at The Dead-Sea Marriott Hotel- Jordan on Tues . Nov.11th 2014.

The meeting was attended by representatives from 19 Specialized Unions and the agenda focused on the latest economic developments in the Arab Countries in addition to reviewing the activities of the different Unions and the researches and working papers prepared during the past year regarding the Arab trade exchanges , the future prospects for the Arab strategic commodities such as fertilizers and petrochemicals besides the studies concerning the Arab Maritime Line Project , marketing & quality control, technological innovation as a pillar in the industrial development .
In his opening speech HE Mr. Hamdi Tabba’a , FAB Chairman called for the establishment of An Emergency Arab Fund to help the Arab economies as one of the recommendations that FAB will present to the 4th Arab Development Summit that will be held in Tunisia next year He reviewed FAB recommendations that stressed the importance of private- public partnership as a means to fulfill the aims of the Arab Economic Unity ,

he also called to address the Arab food security , the scientific research and the development of higher education in the Arab world .He said that the Great Arab Free Trade Area did not accomplish its aims so far since the intra Arab trade exchanges do not exceed 10 % since its establishment and the intra Arab investment decreased greatly in 2013 , he pointed out that the trade in services is also crucial for the enhancement of Arab economic cooperation and that the economic unity is still far from being achieved . HE Dr. Hatem Halawani , Minister of In dustry & Trade , deputized by the Prime Minister addressed the meeting ,He pointed out that although the intra Arab trade exchanges are below expectations but Jordan ‘s Arab trade registered 53% of total trade and that Jordan offers all the necessary facilities for Arab trade through its borders , he stressed the importance of the private sector in the Arab countries to utilize the benefits of this agreement and participate more effectively in the economic development at a time when several Arab countries suffer from instability and insecurity while Jordan remains an oasis for investments. HE Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Rabei , Arab Economic Unity Secretary General , Asserted the fact that the Arab economic unity has not been achieved yet despite the free trade area , he thanked the Specialized Unions for their important activities through out 2013 and he then reviewed the latest developments in the Arab economies and the need for enhancement of Arab economic cooperation .

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