About us

Is a non governmental non-profitable Independent Arab Association includes in its membership business associations in Arab Countries. The Federation of Arab Businessmen established in 1997, where membership in the business association is voluntary, FAB is a member of The Arab Economic Unity Council and operates under the umbrella of The Arab League within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement signed in 1998. (FAB) membership includes so far (15) Business Associations from (15) Arab countries including Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Kuwait,  Palestine, Yemen, Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain,  Kuwait, Qatar, Algiers and Jordan.

The Premises of the Federation lies in Amman city in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan The Federation of Arab Businessmen aims to create  interaction and enhance the relationship, cooperation and co – ordination among the Arab Businessmen from the different economic  sectors in the frame of  Arab Economic  Integrity in order to consolidate , strengthen, and develop the economic relationships among Arab businessmen, increase the size of trade exchange among  Arab countries. The mechanism of the work of FAB is similar to that of the Arab union of trade & industry except that the union is limited to trade & industry sectors while FAB members represent all sectors of the economy besides trade & industry such as contracting , banking, higher education, health care, IT , tourism , contracting and construction , consulting ..etc. The members of FAB represent the elite of the business communities in the member countries.

FAB acts as a representative for the Arab Businessmen Associations when dealing with a similar foreign societies, participate in the Arab and international forums related to the activities of the Arab Businessmen, FAB opens channels for cooperation with the regional economical groups to achieve the different advantages for the Arab Business Community.

Among its activities, FAB conducts comprehensive forum for the Arab Businessmen every year under the title of (The Arab Businessmen Forum) in the Arab Country that wishes to host such forum. In this forum the top Arab officials and businessmen gather to exchange views and information about the latest Arab economic developments and the investment opportunities and business environment for business men in all Arab countries.

FAB also publishes a periodic magazine that covers the activities of FAB and the research department at FAB every year conducts several researches about the  latest Arab  economic issues .

FAB also participates in the preparatory activities for the Arab yearly economic summit under the umbrella of the Arab League . in many events FAB and the Union of Chambers cooperate together such as the organization of the Arab- china, Arab Latin American , Arab Indian Business Conferences.

 FAB participates also in the meetings of the Arab Higher Coordination Committee for the Joint Arab Economic Cooperation headed by the Secretary General of the Arab League.

The Board meetings of FAB meet twice annually in  the different Arab Capitals in member states and also holds a yearly meeting with HE Mr. AMR MOUSA  Secretary General of the Arab League and the economic staff to discuss the economic issues of high priority that FAB activities should concentrate on.

FAB established excellent relations with counterpart Associations in many countries, and joint business councils and cooperation agreements were signed such as  the Arab –  Brazilian chamber of commerce and with the confederation of Indian Industries also  an Arab Chinese Business Council was established with China Council for The Promotion of International Trade CCPIT.  it is worth mentioning that FAB hosted the Second Arab- Chinese Business Forum in 2007 in Amman  in cooperation with  the Arab League and the Federation of Arab Chambers of Commerce and Industry . and also in 2006 FAB signed a cooperation agreement with the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK)