By law

Article (1) Definition

“FEDERATION OF ARAB BUSINESSMEN” is a non governmental non-profitable Independent Arab association includes in it’s membership associations, societies, institutions and businessmen Federations in Arab Countries.

Article (2) Federation Head Office

The Premises of the Federation will be in Amman city in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and it is permitted to establish branches in the Arab Countries as needed.

Article (3) Objectives of the Federation

FEDERATION OF ARAB BUSINESSMEN aims to create interaction and enhance the relationship, cooperation and co – ordination among the Arab Businessmen from the different economic sectors in the frame of Arab Economic Integrity in order to achieve the following objects:

1- Consolidate, strengthen , and develop the economic relationships among Arab businessmen.

2- Increase the size of trade exchange among Arab countries from its current levels and discuss the programs and mechanisms to achieve this, and specify the obstacles facing the flow of trade between Arab countries, and provide practical solutions.

3- Cooperation with the Arab Institutions concerned with the development of the inter Arab Trade and utilize the programs of these financial and technical institutions and assure the importance of it’s roll in enhancing Joint Arab Economical work.

4- Promote the establishment of joint Arab Projects that take into consideration the relative advantages for each Arab Country within a long term integral frame that eliminate duplication and settle the Arab capital in the Arab World.

5- Crystallize a common opinion for the Arab businessmen in the Arab Economic affairs and propose the solutions for the issues facing them and defend their interest in the Arab World and in different international levels.

6- Crystallize a compatible attitude against the foreign economic groupings.

Article (4) Activities of the Federation

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, the Federation must perform the following activities:

1- Conduct comprehensive forum for the Arab Businessmen every year under the title of ” The Arab Businessmen Forum ” in the Arab Country that wishes to host such forum.

2- Conduct sectorial meetings in the fields of Trade ,Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Transportation, Contracting, Banking or any other economic sectors for the purpose of coordination among the Arab Businessmen working within these specialties.

3- Urge the Arab Businessmen to give priorities for Arab cooperation and maintain the cooperation bridges with the countries , groups and international economic organizations.

4- Work as contact point between the Arab Business Societies and the Arab government authorities to facilitate the economic relations and surmounting the problems facing the flow of funds, personnel and goods between the Arab Countries.

5- Act as a representative for the Arab Businessmen Associations when dealing with a similar foreign societies.

6- Participate in the Arab and International Forums related to the activities of the Arab Businessmen.

7- Open channels for cooperation with the regional economical groups to achieve the different advantages for the Arab Business Community.

8- Organize and conduct the training courses as well as seminars and sectorial seminars either in the Arab Countries or in the International capitals to highlight ” the Arab Business Federation” role and importance as one of the patrons for the activities of the Arab Businessmen.

9- Issue a periodical directory for the Arab Businessmen in both languages Arabic and English and publish the periodical bulletins and informative bulletins that reflect the importance of the Arab Business sector.

10- Exchange information among the Arab Businessmen Federations and the associations and coordinate it’s participation in the Arab and International conferences.

11- Host commercial exhibitions related to the Federation members and host the delegates of the Arab Businessmen societies and Associations.

Article (5) membership

1- The signatories on this By-Law for ” the FEDERATION OF ARAB BUSINESSMEN” will be considered founder members establishing the basic general assembly for the Federation and the first Board of Directors will be elected from them.

2- Any member signed on this By-Law from the FEDERATION OF ARAB BUSINESSMEN, societies and associations in the Arab Countries will be considered an active member in the “FEDERATION OF ARAB BUSINESSMEN as well as the societies and associations affiliated later by a decision of the Federation Board of Directors.

3- It is permitted to accept Arab societies and associations as affiliated members to the Federation but the Federation must specify the conditions and terms of accepting the member and the affiliated member has no right to vote or be nominated for the Board of directors.

4- Application for membership will be submitted to the Federation Board of Directors to decide on each application within a period of time not exceeding more than three months, and if it is not decided during that period , it will be considered accepted and the new member will have the same rights and commitments of the previous members.

5- The membership will be cancelled by a decision from the Board of Directors in case all or some of the membership conditions and terms are eliminated or dissolution or passing or merging or incorporating or non imbursement the enrolling fees for a period of two years or breaching the Federation By-Law substantially.

6- Cancellation of the membership will result in decline of the right of the member to recollect the paid amounts for the Federation.

7- It is permitted for the member to regain the membership of the Federation after passing of at least one year from the date of canceling the membership , but he must meet the membership conditions and fulfill the commitments due on him to the Federation for the previous membership.

Article (6) Organization of the Federation

The organization of the federation is constituted of the general assembly, Board of Directors and the Secretariat .

Article (7) General Assembly

1- The General Assembly for the “FEDERATION OF ARAB BUSINESSMEN consist from two representatives for each active member provided that he is the chairman of the society or the association or his deputy as one of these two representatives . The delegation of a member will not be allowed unless from the original member state.

2- General Assembly will conduct one annual session at least upon an invitation from the board of directors , taking into consideration that the session is to be conducted in the same time of the annual meeting of the “FEDERATION OF ARAB BUSINESSMEN It is allowed for the general assembly to conduct extraordinary meetings based upon an invitation from the board of directors or based upon a written application from one third of the general assembly members in order to decide the amendments on the By-Law or dissolve the Federation.

3- Board of Directors calls to convene the general assembly in the head office state or in any other place specified for that purpose through a written notification send to all members before at least one month prior to the convention, and this notification will be accompanied with the meeting agenda.

4- The meeting of the general assembly will be legal if attended by fifty percent plus one member at least , and if there is a lack of quorum , the next meeting of the general assembly conducted again within the next twenty one days will be legal with any number of attendees.

5- General assembly will be headed by the Chairman of Board of Directors , and in case of his absence , the meeting will be headed by the deputy chairman, and in case of his absence, the general assembly will elect one of its members as chairman for that meeting.

Article (8) Authorities for the General Assembly

General Assembly will discuss in it’s meetings the following issues:

1- Approval of the agenda.

2- Discuss the report of the Board of Directors for the Federation activities in the previous year.

3- Approve the budget and the final accounts for the previous fiscal year.

4- Elect a chartered accounting auditor.

5- Approve the work plan as well as the next financial budget of the year.

6- Elect of the Board of Directors members through secret ballot .

7- Decide to move the head office upon the approval of two thirds of the members

Article (9) Board of Directors

1- The Board of directors will be established from two active members from each member country for a period of (4) years renewable .

2- Board of Directors will elect in his first meeting from between the members a chairman and two deputies as well as elect a secretary general and a deputy for him and a cashier , and in case of the absence of the chairman or his deputies in the session of the Board of directors, the meeting will be chaired by senior aged member.

3- Board of Directors has the right to increase the number of its members as necessary.

4- The meetings of the Board of Directors will be in quorum if at least fifty percent of his members attend the meeting.

5- Each member of the board of directors has one vote and the decisions of the board of directors will be issued by majority for the attended members. When number of the votes are equal, the side of the chief will be preferable.

6- Board of directors will be convened once every six months , and the board of directors will specify the place and the date of the next meeting and it is permitted to be convened as necessary based upon a proposal from Federation Secretary General and the consent of the Federation Chief or based upon half of it’s members during three weeks.

7- It is permitted for the board of directors to authorize its chairman and the chairman authorizes his deputies with some of his authorities stated in the next article.

8- In case of dropping the membership capacity on one of the general assembly members as a result of the periodical election in his country , he will be replaced by the new member.

Article (10) Authorities of the Board of Directors

Board of directors will be specialized in the following issues:

1- Prepare policies and work plan of the Federation.

2- Establish the permanent and temporary committees and specify their duties.

3- Approve the financial and administrative regulations for the Federation.

4- Confirm the organizational structure of the Federation.

5- Prepare the general assembly agenda project based upon the proposals of the secretary general.

6- Decide the cooperation medias with the competitive associations concerned with the affairs of the Federation activities.

7- Submit the annual report ,the estimated budget , the general budget and the final accounts for the Federation activities and present it to the general assembly for endorsement.

8- Decide on the affiliation requests as well as termination and withdrawal from the Federation membership.

9- Report of vacancies of the membership positions and filling them.

10- Open branches for the Federation in the Arab countries as needed.

11- Conclude the cooperation agreements with the International Institutes that has interest with the Federation activities.

Article (11) Executive Office

1- The Federation Executive office will be composed from a general manager assisted by a cadre of employees according to the Federation Organization structure which will be issued based upon a decision from the Board of Directors based upon a proposal from the secretary general and it is permitted to the secretary general to be assisted by consultant group for specific tasks.

2- Appointment of the general manager and terminate his services will be according to a decision from the board of directors.

3- Appointment and terminating the main staff based upon the by-laws.

4- Selecting the executive office cadre will be put into consideration that they must be capable and have the technical knowledge and professional experience, and the assignment in the executive office must be from the natives of the Arab Country members in the Federation.

5- The executive office will be specialized in the following tasks: .

a- Prepare the annual plans and execute them after they have been endorsed.

b- Prepare an agenda project for the meetings of the board of directors.

c- Inform the decisions and recommendations of the board of directors to the state members and following it’s execution.

d- Prepare proposals for the financial and administrative organizations as well as the organization structure.

e- Prepare the budget project and the project of the annual report about the Federation activities.

f- Managing the daily affairs of the Federation.

Article (12) Tasks of the Secretariat

The secretariat is specialized in supervising the duties & activities of the executive office stated in Article (11) of this system.

Article (13) Financial resources for the Federation

A- The financial resources for the Federation consist of the following:

1- Five thousand US$ annual subscription fees for active members and $ 1000 for affiliate.

2- Subsidy, donations , contributions and wills that the board of directors will decide to accept them from the Arab resources as well as from the international societies and organizations.

3- Revenues of the services cost presented by the Federation.

B- The Federation will have a special budget and the fiscal year for the Federation will start on the lst of January and ended on 31st of December each year.

Article (14) Amendment of the Article of Association

It is permitted to enter changes and amendments on the Federation By-Law by the consent of two third of the general assembly members in an extraordinary meeting called for this purpose based upon the request of one third of the active members. this request , will include the specific texts and stipulations need to be modified.

Article (15) Dissolution of the Federation

The Federation is dissolved based upon a decision issued by the general assembly with the majority of two third of the active members in an extraordinary meeting according to the stipulations of article (7) from this system and the general assembly will assign a liquidator for the Federation , and the net funds of the Federation will be given to the party designated by the general assembly.